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John Smith Optional

Work for an Independent Cinema and Arts organization in one of Britain's biggest cities, our program specializes in World Cinema, Classic Cinema and Independent Film as well as some mainstream releases.

First Class Film Studies Graduate with Honors, specializing in 'The New Hollywood', Film History and Reception Studies.

Fluent in 'Movie-Nerd', 'Righteous Indignation' and 'Withering Sarcasm'.

Grand Inquisitor of the Pedant Crusade 2014

My biggest gripe is people defending pedantry and unnecessary dogmatism by comparing SE to 'a wiki' as through the comparison were positive.

SE is so much more powerful thank any Wiki, because it allows users to communicate and seek answer from other users directly, on a one-on-one basis.

As more of the web falls prey to the machinations of corporate entities, a site like this is a beacon of hope that it is possible for humans to communicate with each other without passing though the rubric of commercial interest.

SE is free of skepticism (almost!) because there is no conflict of interest, or ulterior motives to its representation of communication, no matter how trivial the content.

I'm (often visibly) frustrated by those who would seek to steer the site away from this humanist operation: and into a homogeneous Q+A clone that pursues standardization, the dogmatic application of formatting rules without discretion and total eradication of authorial voice and personality.

People don't come here to speak to a database, they come here to speak to people.