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Hello! I'm a lifelong English learner (non-native speaker), well, with some long;-) breaks. I speak North American English, and have just recently gotten interested in English dialects esp. North American ones.

I'm preparing for the Cambridge CPE exam; next, I'm going to take the Celta course. So aiming for depth and breadth hope justifies some of my questions that might bother you. I have not focused on grammar until recently, and as a nonnative English learner I hate prescriptive grammar.

If you spot a language MISTAKE, please CORRECT me, and if I sound UNNATURAL then ENLIGHTEN me. I don't feel offended out of good faith.

Check out this cool explanation: Perfective vs. perfect

--- End of About Me!-----

"As a British person I always find it amusing when Americans don't understand my plain English accent when I can understand them perfectly. It is all about familiarity. – JamesRyan Feb 17 at 11:14

Prepositions of place, time and English Prepositions List pdf book

My next questions: innit, "another people"


"Strictly speaking, the modals are not tensed" CalifJim

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