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Engineer by education, geek by choice, marketer by necessity.

I'm the principal of Domesticating IT, an inbound marketing blog and consultancy. I am a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and author of the upcoming book, "Social Media for Engineers and Scientists" and frequently speak on Internet marketing and social media topics at conferences, workshops, symposia and Chambers of Commerce.


comment Good Outlining Solutions For OSX?
I was ready to suggest one of the various mind-mapping tools until I saw this. I'm in the market for a new laptop and have been debating Mac vs PC but this program looks great and is another check mark in the Mac column. Thanks for sharing.
comment Is the iPad a convenient medium for writing work?
Because you can turn an iPad into a laptop but you can't turn a laptop into an iPad. I only use the keyboard when I'm typing large amounts of text - something I probably do less than 5% of the time. Otherwise, I'm using it as God - I mean Steve - intended.
comment How does a code monkey become a novelist?
Victor - Here's my answer to a similar question: writers.stackexchange.com/questions/1169/…