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Manna Kanuga

Hi, My name is Manna Kanuga and I am only 18 years old. I’m not very far away from most of you, I am an Indian and have been born and raised here just like every other Indian I know, I currently live with my mother, father,sister and dog. I am also finishing my 12th in privates as I chose not to take on main stream college for that would keep me in the city for longer … I live a simple life and don’t think I'm much different than most of you, when I have free time I enjoy helping others and dancing, I also stretch my body with some Yoga and calm my mind with meditation. So I am here today to tell you and show you that now you and I, the people who really can’t change the world over night have a chance to make a change. The amount you think you can’t, that much you can. You and I, together, Matter. So just imagine if all of us come together and connect, we can make a difference and bring about some change. This is our time, yours and mine. Let’s connect together and never stop connecting :)