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I'm a web developer by trade (6+ years of LAMP/HTML/CSS/JS), a musician by education (BM Music Composition, University of North Texas 2006) and a writer (evenoneword.com, 2 books, three comics, and a webcomic) by passion.

I attempt to help people when I can, and I do my best to make life easier for those around me.

Unfortunately, sometimes I can't help but make life a little harder first: Yes, there is a spec. Yes, you should learn it and follow it. No, I won't write your answer for you.

comment Is it a bad idea to vary the voice of the narrator in third person (limited omniscient)?
@Ash I came up against a similar issue as well, I just wasn't sure the best way to explain it. 3rd person limited omniscient in my case implies that yes, it's limited, but ultimately the narrator knows things the characters do not, but I want the reader to know. I like to think of it as the narration in comic books. But without the bombastic narrator from the Superfriends cartoon. =)