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We've created the easiest to use backup software program. It features:

  • the fastest incremental personal backup - finds and saves only the new files
  • locally installed or portable software - use on any USB stick or external hard drive
  • personal versioning system - ideal for anyone who is creating and working with documents
  • optimized storage by eliminating all duplicates in the backup set - if you have some of your same files in multiple folders, iGoUSB creates smart links inside its storage to optimize your backup size

It's the easiest way to save your project, client, document folders as well as any of your personal files: install and runs in only 10 seconds. Carry it with you for an easy access to your documents and refresh its content in just a few seconds.

comment What's a good way to backup your writing?
@justkt - Disclaimer added.
comment What's a good way to backup your writing?
Of course you can, only this will save you time over and over again, as you don't need to remember which files to copy. It also saves your versions, which is not easily done with a copy operation. It allows backup locally and on the network as well.