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Wide variety of IT and other technical fields: server management (Linux & Windows); personal computer security (Linux & Windows); server security (Linux esp.); lots of RegEx; book layout in LaTeX; RDP, VNC, and VPN for various remote access and security purposes; development work in PHP, VB.net, Javascript/jQuery, HTML5/CSS, XML/XSLT, C++, et al.; EPUB & MOBI ebook development; email-related development (Outlook PST format conversion, custom mail merge application designed for flexibility, et al.); Apache & NginX webservers; etc. etc.

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comment Which opening for my book is better?
For myself, I don't like when a story jumps right into the action too quickly. This is precisely what happened with Lloyd Alexander's "The Book of Three". A lot of people liked getting right to the action. But to me, it destroyed the suspension of disbelief. It brought the author's attempt to try to entertain me straight to the forefront. Fiction, for me, isn't about a mere sequence of events. This is where I differ from user 'what'. I want the history; I want the culture and daily life. I want to see the world and the metanarrative; I don't just want to run through it.
answered Which opening for my book is better?
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