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Hi, I'm Rebekah. I'm a 15-year-old high school junior living in America. I like languages, psychology, art, Thai food, and (obviously) writing.

Most of my writing is in novel form. Sort of. I can't quite ignore all the worldbuilding notes I amass while writing, but they're still part of the novel, in a way. (I barely spend any time planning, but the notes I write as I go become seriously extensive, especially when there are conlangs involved.) Oh, and I'm really good at limericks for some reason.

I usually write fantasy--not the kind where everything is medieval, but the kind where it's set in our time and/or an alternate dimension--but I've recently become fond of steampunk. So my gi-normous fantasy novel I'm redoing from three years ago (when I sucked a lot worse than I do now) is being put on hold to write that.

If it takes ten years to learn to write well, I'm halfway through. So, hooray.

Anyway. Off the subject of writing, I speak understandable French, better English than most Americans, and a few words of German which probably wouldn't be any use to me. (No, not that kind of word. Sheesh.) Among my favorite bands are Of Monsters and Men, Steam Powered Giraffe, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, The Decemberists, and Explosions in the Sky (which is good thinking music). Sometimes big words make me smile for no reason.

If you're a psychology buff: I am an INTP, RCUxI (dominant Inquisitive), type 5 (though I'm not sure about the Enneagram's accuracy), and an associative synesthete. For instance, Wednesday is the blue of my favorite tea mug but Monday is mauve, psychology is a nice, deep purple, and the number 2 is dark green, and is a girl with a shy disposition. If you didn't understand the last paragraph, don't feel bad. But do look those things up--the MBTI, SLOAN, Enneagram, all that stuff--is really useful when writing characters.

This all eventually just adds up to my being an odd duck. But I'm an odd duck with writing experience and a penchant for writing out long explanations when I know what I'm talking about. So maybe I can be useful...

See you.

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