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Technical/marketing writer by day, historical fantasy writer by night, unless I'm puttering in the garden, practicing Friulan, or riding motorcycles with The Husband. Divide my time between the Pacific NorthWET towns of Seattle, WA and Vancouver, B.C., and the Friuli region of Italy.

I've finished my first novel and after working with a professional editor for a year, I've now joined a critique group to help me finesse the story.

Also, I'm starting to outline the second novel in my historical fantasy trilogy in preparation for my annual spring research trip to Italy. This time, I'm using Scrivener and I'll see how it compares to Word/Excel/OneNote for my writing/researching/notetaking.

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comment What constitutes historical fantasy?
Thanks, Shantu. Good suggestions. I will look into the blogs you mention because I've not heard of them before. I attended a conference last year, and the 30 agents/editors that spoke during a panel about what they were looking for. All of them said that the zombie/vampire thing is over and that they have about 2 years worth of stuff in the queue and don't need any more. As for self-publishing, that's definitely a priority if I don't get any serious bites this year.
comment What constitutes historical fantasy?
Thanks, Lauren. I'll look into them.
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asked What constitutes historical fantasy?