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I work as a Technical Writer at New Relic. I also run an old-school roleplaying blog called Infinite Dragons, and do some freelance work. Fierce!

comment What are my headlines lacking?
I think it would be helpful if you could articulate what the "value missing... that my headlines usually have" is. Are your other headlines wittier? Shorter and punchier? Funnier? (Even) more direct?
comment How do greetings vary with time of day?
This question is unclear. Are you asking "What greeting would a character use at noon? I want the reader to know that the time is 12:00, and I want to do it through dialogue."
comment Text Editors. Suggesting & Tracking Changes to Plain-Text Documents
+1 for suggesting a simple markup and version control. I use [^MultiMarkdownFootnotes] to annotate my own text. I type the footnotes as seen here, then publish to Marked/HTML and look over the footnotes as I read. Then I go back in and make changes (or don't). <br> [^MultiMarkdownFootnotes]: This is a footnote.