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comment Possible interactions of punctuation marks with the word “however” in a novel
@guypursey I agree that people normally don't speak like this, I'm still unsure whether this narrator is the main character since I`m still describing setting at this point. In the next chapter the main character will be introduced. So I guess I should decide on this first.
comment Switching from past to present tense?
I have to agree that both ideas are appealing and could fit the book. However I am still leaning toward the flashback beginning for a few reasons, first I avoid having to use a line like 20 years earlier. second, I can introduce the character while hes still young and surprise the reader when hes suddenly 10 years older. but then there is still the issue of rising action during the more boring flashbacks necessary for the reader to understand the character.
comment Switching from past to present tense?
I really want the climax to be a surprise so the reader is kept in suspense, instead of them already knowing the ending.