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comment Requesting A Writing Critique, Hopefully More Focused
Now we're finally getting somewhere. I stare at the blank screen or page a lot of the time and often don't even know how to start. So I just start. I was always under the impression that you are supposed to give an idea of what the piece is about within the first sentence or two though. Is that wrong? Superfluous words/phrases are something I'm aware of, but how do I learn to spot them? Also, the 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph was that "nonsensical" sentence - I took 5 minutes thinking before I came up with that version, and I guess it's still "confusing". Ideas?
comment Combatting Excessive Familiarity Of Writing
I just completed my last piece of work and just slowed down and did this, and ended up rewording a lot of it. I've seen this advice before, but I guess speed matters a lot too.