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I have worked in a technical support role for several industries and love the problem-solving aspects of my work as well as helping clients maximize their productivity.

I'm driven by a life-long curiosity about the world and people around me. My passions range from creative writing, photo-editing, performing and listening to music, problem-solving puzzles such as sudoku, cooking and baking, all types of crafting, sewing and yarn arts, creative resources on the internet and learning new apps for my favorite toy...my iPhone.

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comment What exactly is wrong with 'It was a dark and stormy night'?
The "dark and stormy" sentence does a lot of telling while the Dickens' passage does more showing - always better to show, IMHO. Can't you picture fog drooping on gunwales of barges? Good stuff!
comment Striking the balance between dialogue and narrative
+1 for the assassination of the internal editor! :-D
comment How can I write anonymously (based on true experiences)?
KHill, couldn't you just write it as fiction (based on actual events)?
comment “I have/am” what are other short ways to not repeat this in a cover letter?
@Maddy, I though of leading with an action verb also but your answer went way beyond that with great advice!
comment As a freelance writer, should I charge more for inconvenient time worked?
Sounds like something that should be in your contract regardings terms, deadlines, compensation, etc.
comment Is there some guideline that I can point to about the overuse of bold and underline?
My pleasure - best of luck, Nate!