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comment Can a book be written without an antagonist?
If you read the Flow theory, in psychology (@what and @lauren-Ipsun) you'll see that if there is no conflict (or challenge) of any sort, one will get in a boredom/apathy zone. The only way to increase one's skills is to provide him/her with challenges increasing in difficulty accordingly to the current skills. So I have to agree with @lauren, actually. I agree that a story may not have a "concious" antagonist, but even forces of nature represent conflicts to be overcomed and therefore an antagonist.
comment Can I use parenthesis in a conversation
I'll probably follow this line of thought, although I think it is too verbose. I've seen things like this in the Bible, and in an exerpt from "Whose Body" as follows: "Bosh!" said Lord Peter. "I am retained (by old Mrs. Thipps, for whom I entertain the greatest respect) to deal with this case, and it's only by courtesy I allow you to have anything to do with it."
comment An (Collaborative) Online Outline
The tips were really useful for me! I downloaded Writer's Cafe! And I'm gonna test it out! Obrigado!
comment Which language to use when writing a multinational story
Both answers were good. But could not choose both. I agree that from times to times the writer must rely on knowledges and curiosities of the reader, not treating him like a baby, and some other times explaining deeper things. I like the idea of italicizing the words in another language that seem relevant to be exposed, but not writing full dialogues in different languages.
comment When should I use punctuation with bullets?
People who speak other languages may also have this doubt (my case) :) - unless it has some specific norm or rule concerning English