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comment Is this stylized writing successful or gimmicky?
Raises hand as angsty teenager with deep thoughts and a broad vocabulary
comment Websites that offer book/movie/story analyses useful for writers?
Yeah, I thought of SparkNotes for specific literature. It's not really intended to teach people to write by example, but rather illuminate literary techniques used in specific lines/passages for the purpose of allowing a student to write an essay on those devices. My English class currently uses The Bedford Reader, (not a huge fan) which has essays by authors on how to write/storytell. I also know that's not a website which is why this isn't an answer.
comment Could I reach the level of good writing style as non-native language speaker?
As a note on idioms, I know two non-native English speakers (Serbian + French) who are fluent in English and come up with much more interestingly turned phrases and idioms. So as a non-native English writer, I'm sure you'd come up with some very refreshing and non-cliché language.
comment How/When to create deliberately boring characters?
The Artemis Fowl series immediately came to mind when you challenged us to name a blend of hackers and magic. It's a young adult series, but fits your description to a T. As others said, characters can be boring in different ways. If you mean having characters mentioned that come in and out occasionally to serve a purpose but never be developed, well I might not consider those characters, but more like props (e.g. the barista). Sometimes, though, cut-out characters who reoccur stick out to me as transparent and bad writing.