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Currently working on a 19th Century legal thriller based on actual events....

comment Legal ramifications for writing about fictional relationships with celebs
Your advice regarding writing about persons already dead is not totally correct, at least as far as celebrities are concerned. One state here in the US (California) has restrictions on what you can write about deceased celebrities (See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Celebrities_Rights_Act) and New York was entertaining the act at one time as well.
comment Using latin words in fantasy
@Smithers, good suggestion. I linked to the wikis rather than amazon since they contained more detail. I added Farmer's as well.
comment How can I get book my non-fiction book reviewed by professional reviewers?
Without knowing what type of professionals you are interested in having review your book, it's hard to answer your question.
comment Critique: three person dialogue
I'd find it easier to follow if either Adele or Anny's name started with something other than "A".
comment How long has the “scene” method been used for writing a novel?
My experience was similar to yours, no formalized structure as to HOW to write, just reading, writing and work shopping. Oh, we'd have a different topic to focus upon with each assignment, such as POV or imitating a specific style of whatever the assigned author was (e.g. Hemingway, Chekhov), but other than Aristotle's theory or Freytag's Pyramid, no real guidance on how to actually make a plot. Guess it was more character driven than plot driven....