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comment Learning storywriting for videogames - where to start?
However to logically answer the question. Find out who wrote the stories that affected you the most, find out why they did. Talk to the writers of those stories and ask them. Write some fan fiction on the game. Try to find a mentor aleast in my career in IT I have found if you are polite and are passionate some people will take the time to help you out or aleast point out the path for you.
comment Shared World licensing fees
Thanks alot I will check it out.
comment Shared World licensing fees
@Neil Sorry I didn't notice this until now. My copyrights would be mainly around not changing base structures or major characters in the shared world (i.e. not killing Eliminster of Forgotten Realms or not changing how a Wrap Drive works in Star Trek). As far as licensing I would like to get to a medium where there is a up front payment and less of a take of the sales or vice versa I think that is fair. I am not all about the money but I don't want to give it all away for free. It sounds like you have experience in this area so maybe a PM talk about it is in order?
comment Shared World licensing fees
Can you add some more details on if I create a open source world then how do I make money. Open source makes money by tech support and specialized development. Or are you saying I need to create and give away worlds to build my street cred and then hope one of the BFB decides to hire me to write.