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I’m a 39 year old autodidact, and very proud to be. I'm looking for work right now, but that's normal given my proclivity for accepting contracts. I write, I eat, and I enjoy life with all of the gusto I can. I love language and languages. I occasionally slip and use serial commas, and when I do I often leave them as a flag flying in the face of my enemy, Language Prescriptivism. I’m a native English speaker and I’ve studied both Latin and several Romance Languages that are derived from it. I’ve studied law, language, history, sociology, logic, debate, math and various sciences, because those subjects all fascinate me to no end.

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comment How does one break into the field of professional writing?
I thank you for the answer, and I appreciate that you've said I now have a professional contact. I do understand that the main thing one must do to be a writer is to establish what I call the "writer's discipline", that is, to write each day regardless of how I feel, what's going on in my life, etc. That's great advice and I plan to follow it.
comment How does one deal with world builder's syndrome?
This was my answer to the problem. I have started writing short stories contained in the universe I am describing as the rules take shape to illustrate the rules that I am writing. This has the additional benefit of my readers being shown the rules and I'll never have to tell them the rules. Perhaps you could include this as part of your answer for me? If not, I'm going to make a new answer and include yours and give credit.