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comment Requesting A Writing Critique, Hopefully More Focused
Is that wrong? No, it's right; there should be a balance, though: overview plus something that engages. Superfluous words When I write, I do a lot of rewriting. I think, "Is there a way I can say this more concisely?" I also pay attention to flow, at the level of the essay, the paragraph, and the sentence. Ideas? The basic strategy I follow is to write, wait, read again with a fresh eye, and then rewrite. I don't know if writers acquire a knack for what they do; I only know what I do. It's mainly a lot of practice, writing stuff for myself and editing the work of others. Good luck!
comment Writing subjectively or objectively? (IELTS writing)
"...getting a high score on IELTS writing..." I have no advice, but only encouragement: Your writing is excellent, as good as that of a native English speaker with a college degree. Good luck.