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I tried to go straight from programming, but i'm a recidivist.

In the unlikely event of you wanting to hire me, i'm on Careers 2.0.

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comment When writing on paper, how do you move things about?
Cards FTW. This technology even forms the basis for the hipster PDA. Vladimir Nabokov both wrote using index cards, and wrote about writers who wrote using index cards, and if it's good enough for John Shade, it's good enough for anyone.
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comment Best practices for maintaining documented code examples?
Doctest is a brilliant idea. Simply compiling your example code will tell you if it is legal. Paying attention to warnings will tell you if it uses any deprecated features (hopefully). Testing it to see if it produces the expected output will tell you if it does what it says it does. Running style checkers, bug finders, and other linting tools over it will tell you if sets a good example. This doesn't cover every base, but it's an excellent start.