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I play with R mostly because I like how it allows me to deal with problems I didn't even know I had to begin with. Do I actually use R in my day-to-day work? As a writing teacher, not really....

I like questions, particularly those involving , , or , and recently, .

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comment How can I prevent, or work around, unfortunate hyphenation in critical words?
Is LaTeX an option? If so, it is pretty easy to do. See: tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=wdnohyph
comment Visualizing multiple word-based changes among many text files
Somewhat conceptually related: www3.nd.edu/~tweninge/timelapse/index.html
comment How should I organize my journal as plain-text files?
I do like TiddlyWiki and I did play with it a long time ago as a personal note taking tool, but the non-linearity eventually seemed a little bit distracting to me. Another tool I used for a while was CintaNotes but left that after a couple of years since it doesn't play very nicely with my Linux system. Otherwise, it's fast, convenient, and very free of distraction.
comment From Markdown to .odt and vice-versa: a possible distraction-free writing workflow?
If this is the direction you're heading, I hope you've heard of Pandoc. Conversion will not be flawless--you'll definitely have to do a bit of cleanup. But the reward you'll get is being able to output to a variety of formats very easily. I would suggest converting the .odt to an HTML file and converting the HTML file to markdown using Pandoc as a starting point.
comment I want to write a Choose Your Own Adventure styled e-book, what's a good approach?
Is your ultimate goal print? If so, PDF is probably the way to go, and you can achieve what you want with lots of software. The LaTeX typesetting engine has very good support for cross-references. If you are thinking of an electronic manual, you can look into something similar to the now abandoned Google Breadcrumb project.
comment Notes Placement
By the way, if you want to write nice-looking reports with integrated margin notes, you might want to check out Lyx which, when used with the Tufte layout, gives you output like this.