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25+ years in software development.

6 years on an HCI PhD.

20+ years married.

19 years a parent.

I can cope with anything.

Check out my short story

comment Story for children without a happy ending
"And then the very hungy caterpiller, who was now a butterfly, was eaten by a passing crow".
comment Petty Character
It is not that he is always petty, but that he sometimes plans and does things purely because he can. That it petty. That was what I was referring to. He is so much more than petty, but is a good example of quality pettiness in some occasions.
comment Is self-publishing a good option?
I tried hard to be specific, for short stories, with little change of making much money. But the other links should help.
comment Is self-publishing a good option?
"Acceptable" == better than vanity publishing. I actually do want people to take my work seriously. @Stadnback - thank yo ufor that link - I did search self-publishing questions before posting, but didn't seee this for some reason.
comment Should I prefer long or short sentences in scientific writing?
I would say that the former is better, because it has a logical flow of a sentence - it is not overly long, and there is nothing gained by cutting it shorter - I don't feel there is greater clarity in a chopped version.