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I'm a moderator on User Experience Stack Exchange. (That's right here!)

Programmer/Systems Analyst working mostly in PHP/HTML/CSS. Enthusiast follower of User Experience topics and solutions.

comment How can I learn to write by hand again?
@Standback currently I write down todo/idea notes at work but I find I want to keep them digital. When writing anything I need to communicate to someone else (email, design decision, any idea at all) I usually go straight to digital, in part so I can get to it at work or at home. I don't carry a notebook with me.
comment Confusing writing in order to show how character is falling asleep - is it OK?
My problem would be why is the narrator making less sense because the character is tired? Interesting idea, however it almost seems like we're suddenly getting stream-of-consciousness from a third person perspective.
comment Is it frustrating not to know the narrator's gender?
If it isn't important to the understanding of the piece I would clarify it and ignore it so the reader at least gets a feel for who the narrator is (assuming they're relevant, which I assume they are)