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comment How should I write “shush” in a narrative?
Darn it, @Lauren, you just made me hungry. XD
comment How should I write “shush” in a narrative?
When I see shshshsh I can't help but read it as "shishishish."
comment How to restart a novel(la)?
What kind of trouble are you having? Do you feel a lack of motivation? Does the amount of work overwhelm you? Do you simply not know where to begin? Or how to make the novel longer? Please clarify your question, so that we can give you an accurate answer.
comment How to explain a war scene?
@JATagala, you can have one of the men sacrifice himself to save the king. This would show their devotion to the cause, especially if the dying soldier had plans for the future or a family. Exactly what do you mean when you write "the blow on the king"? Do you mean the way he is affected by seeing his men die?