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comment How are citations formatted in serious non-fiction (proposals)?
Thanks for responding, Jay; I appreciate it. Just to clarify, your answer is about referencing. I'm asking about in text citations. In APA, for example, citations are typically author,year, in parentheses, e.g., "(Jay, 2012)". I think nonfiction books often use Chicago style referencing, but I don't know whether the text the author submits to the publisher includes Chicago style citations, since I think they include superscripts and publishers usually don't want manuscripts with "fancy" formatting ... Does that make sense?
comment Where can I find exercises to help me develop fictional writing techniques useful in narrative nonfiction?
Thanks so much for responding. #148 is about books (some of which I'm very familiar with); I need exercises to help me learn to apply the ideas. #2794 is about basic writing; I'm interested more specifically in narrative/creative writing here. Mr. Zinsser has already changed my writing :-) #345 and #1176 might have some good ideas, though. Thanks again!