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comment Is writing a light read or “chick lit” a good option for an aspiring literary fiction author?
This sounds to me like an unnecessarily harsh answer. A person disgusted by a genre wouldn't seriously consider write in it. But if you like two genres, have ideas for both and have to decide, is it that subverted to take a strategic decision? Would you advice against being thoughtful in other career choices? And can you really dismiss pigeonholing that easily? As for "not wanting people as readers", really? Even if they are agents, publishers or critics? Couldn't the J A Tagala's concerns be reasonable, even if they turn out to be incorrect?
comment How do I formulate while writing?
Or write the word in your native language. No shame about that. If you are immersed in more than one language, you will find words in the wrong language popping into your mind. It's how our retention work.