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I consider myself web application programmer and a database developer. I started programming in 1991. I have 3 years of Project Management and Team Leading experience. I have experience in several web application development platforms and Database Systems. I have numerous Microsoft certifications (MCSD,MCPD,MCT..). I am certified in Oracle (11g) and Sql Server (2000-2008) Databases. I have Electrical Engineering BS, Compuer Engineering ,MS. I pursue PHD degree in Electrical Engineering (Machine Learning , Intrusion Detection)

comment Scientific Citation
I do not know really. I am using Jabref since it is convenient.
comment Origin of Passive Voice or Third Person in scientific Writing
It may be translation issue, that is my fault. "..and should be conscious of that it can sometimes obscure originality of an article" --> Alternate Translation: "should know that it [usage of third person] can shadow originality of article".