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comment Do any ePublishing systems honor fixed poetry formatting?
Here's how my poetry book project shook out. After publishing an e-version and paperback version via Kindle and Amazon respectively, I wound up pulling the Kindle version. There was just something lacking about the e-reader experience. All the words were there, but much of the impact had been lost.
comment Do any ePublishing systems honor fixed poetry formatting?
As the article points out, eReaders are incapable of poetry formatting -- this is known. The question is what ePublishing systems are capable. If an iOS or Android app solves the problem, there's a viable solution for poets. At least Feedbooks pushes over 3 million books a month. That's not small usage. Oh, and it turns your text into both ePub and PDF. The mobile app gives you a choice of which format. The PDFs are resizable, and look good when you zoom.
comment How does copyright apply to illustrations and cover art?
Thank you for the advice. How did you come up with this language? Is this what you use... is this what a lawyer advised you to use?