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comment What is the recomended word-count for a fantasy-fiction book?
@Joze How not close are you? If you're at 60k and you're less than 10% of the way through, I'd look at ways of creating multiple self contained arcs which would work for a trilogy. IF you're almost half way done, you shouldn't be worrying too much.
comment Is it possible to figure out the ROI of an MFA?
I'm working on a BFA where I have to study with MFA students in their classes, and I can safely say that I've learned more in a short time than a year of self study, two years of AFA study, and a year of BFA studies.
comment Organizing your Universe?
This is really neat. Certainly not for everyone, but I might have to check this out. I've been avoiding emacs for years because I'm afraid of moving my life to a text editor, but this might be worth a look.
comment How can I write dialog to express groveling?
This is great advice. Some dialogue can be useful and memorable, but simply going through the motions of dialogue that is 'groveling' is not enough. My family has always loved this piece of dialogue that sums up groveling from the live action 101 Dalmations: Frederick: "I thought we liked stripes this year." Cruella De Vil: "What kind of sycophant are you?" Frederick: "Uh... what kind of sycophant would you like me to be?"