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comment How do I keep up with current written English language?
Yawn. Your comment is illustrative..
comment Ideal blog post size and frequency
Just enough. No more. No less.
comment How many words/hour should you aim for when writing your first draft?
Enough words to convey your message- unfortunately this question does not meet that criteria. You want a number? 500,000. Now since you probably don't like that number pick one of your own that you can meet. BTW, 500,000 bad words is not as good as three good words. If you are an accountant setting an objective goal might work, Are you.?
comment What are the challenges of converting blog content to a publishable work?
Books as a format might have advantages... it is the information contained on the pages of a book that sells. There are a lot of books I read at the library (anyone remember those?) rather than buy. There is lots of information I get from the net rather than buying a book. Publishers and self-publishers must determine whether their material has a ROI. Try to query say a dozen publishers. If the response doesn't have a hint of interest I think you have your answer.
comment What is a log line, and why are they bad?
The question was NOT about what QS said. Refresh:"...but I'm still not sure what they are, and why are they bad for writers / queries?"
comment So I finished my novel. Now what do I do?
I suggested working the first three chapters because this is what MANY agents want first. THAT is what they will read. Making betas plow though chapters that might never sell is not "endearing" unless you want to pay them. If you want to work yourself and betas to death- be my guest. Most agents start with the synopsis and either ask for more or reject you then. (My experience. Yours?)
comment So I finished my novel. Now what do I do?
Don't even bother beta until an agent is interested.
comment A letter of recommendation
So how would you suggest one add ITALICS since some folks can't see them with their font choices? I'm all "eyes".
comment How much agent contact should I expect?
Unfortunately, these days most agents are not so much advocates as sales people. They are interested in making money for their bottom line- that means they are looking at new clients and contacting people who might buy the work. After all they are sales. So they are less inclined to proactively contact those they represent unless the "author" has contacted them. At least according to my friends who have agents. BTW, agents too fear the e-pub wave because their pay checks will be cut if folks go that route. One friend knows of two agents who are "retiring" because of e-pub.
comment How could my friend publish his Steve Jobs biography?
My guess is a publisher would NOT be interested if it has already been "electronically published" for free.
comment What are good criteria to consider when looking to enroll in an MFA program?
Perhaps that is why there are very few MFA programs that are "pivotal" for "large groups of fledgeling writers." <g> Success itself is subjective- I doubt that James Joyce would get published as an unknown today. Success today means selling millions with movie rights.
comment What are jobs that prefer or require MFAs in Creative Writing?
BTW, "creative writing awards" should go to many schools who hype their programs the way they do: For instance- "our students usually are able to find part time work..." It doesn't say the program they are in was a "qualifying reason" nor did they say it was "a paying job." I've got a nephew suckered by "hype" (aka BS) in another field. I also used to teach tech courses where students were "mis-led" and that was compounded by student loans that were akin to highway robbery!