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comment What is the new Google Author markup?
@w3d is 100% correct. I have implemented what the question described, but needed to do everything mentioned by w3d. It works very well though.
comment Why are license agreements, disclaiming letters and others written with capital letters?
@codesparkle Legal conventions for capitalizing pre-dated computing by hundreds of years. Even in computing, all caps were common, rather, the ONLY option, until about 30 years ago. The inference of shouting when using all-cap's is even more recent.
comment Should I use different pen names for different audiences (non-fiction)?
By different names, do you mean different titles, or different author names? Writers often publish under a nom de plume when writing for very different audiences e.g. Anne Rice is an obvious example, but there are many others.
comment Does this passage convey an appropriate mix of seriousness and levity?
@SomeshMukherjee Are you clairvoyant? How did you know? I am laughing, that is wonderful! Professor Taleb is brilliant and articulate and amusing. But he goes on and on and... about things. It dilutes his content, reduces the impact, I think. He isn't the only one though. There are others, you can probably guess, there was a quant fin book published in Oct of last year, who do the same thing, but in a less entertaining manner. So cool that you knew who I was thinking of though!!!
comment How to write a polite reminder email?
Good answer, except I would remove "Have a nice day Sir." and "I remain at your disposal" (but keep the rest of the sentence, just rephrase for grammar). Also, include a greeting at the top. Otherwise, fine. +1
comment Where can I find information about how to cite a web address using MLA?
I up voted your answer. I also wrote out a long form version of an answer, using a different source. Since it was current MLA, it provided similar content to the excellent URL you provided.
comment Picture-based Identification Dictionary
The Ultimate Visual Dictionary, which is one of the DK visual dictionaries, seems excellent from the link you gave! There are many narrowly scoped DK visual dictionaries, but they are sold separately. If one wanted a broad general visual dictionary, DK's Ultimate Visual Dictionary looks great: For children, adults, students, all ages! I wonder how it compares to the M-K?
comment Citing parts of a thesis or dissertation using IEEE referencing
Great answer! I was just thinking about the IEEE citation style when answering a question over on English SE. And actually, yes, it is very cool stuff you are citing! I can only read about that stuff (breaking MD5, new/improved cryptographic hash functions) for fun, wish I could do it all day long.
comment “All of a sudden…” ?
Perfect answer! I particularly like the use of short sentences and paragraphs to convey the sense of immediacy, the "sudden" quality of the event.
comment Is there a rule of thumb about the number of pages a work of fiction should have?
This is a great answer. It provides well-established criteria, used by editors, literary agents and publishers, as a standard for years. Decades actually!