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comment Using “and/or” in a manuscript
I guess it all depends on where you are from, but in my parts of Texas, it's not at all uncommon for people to use "and/or" in their dialogue. If it is used in a proper context, there would be nothing wrong with using it in writing. If it is used only one time in a 50,000 word story, then it would not be nearly as acceptable.
comment What is the most important element of a drama, beside its message?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it appears to be more about acting rather than writing.
comment Discouraging link to Lulu or CreateSpace
Personally, I believe that people will find any book that is advertised through AdWords and purchased through PayPal to be "non-professional", but that's just me. If you're truly intent on self-publishing, you should really use Kindle Direct Publishing and/or Nook Publishing because that's where the vast majority of the e-book readers will be going to look for books.
comment Unofficial Fan Fictions - How can I Secure Them?
Dale Emery is absolutely correct in his answer when he states that the discontinuation of the board game does NOT forfeit the copyright. Any use of the characters, settings, or other portions of the board game in your writing could cause it to be considered as a derivative work, which would violate their copyright and could possibly put you in jeopardy of being sued. You need to thoroughly research the copyright AND trademarks for the board game before attempting to publish anything.
comment Poor man's copyright techniques
It is true that a copyright notice is not required. I simply stated that because I assumed the OP was looking for some means to stake an "official" claim to his copyright, and posting a copyright notice is the easiest way to do so.
comment Writing techniques or exercises to improve ability to show rather than tell?
When you get a chance, would you mind paraphrasing or summarizing the content? I'd prefer to not send people to another site to get their answers.
comment How do I explain a lack of sufficient data in my essay?
Sometimes you need to be willing to do some real research if you want to have some real data. Having said that, I found four sites on Google with very relevant data, so you may want to reconsider what you are looking for. One in particular was a gold mine of information, but sometimes you have to work a little harder to find what you need. Some states have better information than others, but there is information out there.
comment Is CreateSpace 100% free for self-publishing?
You are no longer required to purchase the proof copy, although it is recommended.
comment Create and publish collection of public domain poems from 19th century
Also, I'm not sure where you got the idea that US copyright lasts for 150 years, but that is not correct. The US has had a number of changes to their copyright laws, but basically any books published prior to 1923 are no longer protected. Books published after that had to have their copyright renewed every 28 years or they fell into the public domain. There were a couple of changes that happened between 1964 and 1998 that complicated things further, but the current coverage is for the life of the author plus 70 years.
comment Create and publish collection of public domain poems from 19th century
There are a couple of different ways in which the examples you gave are currently available through Amazon. First of all, any that were submitted prior to the middle of 2011 were grandfathered in. The current Amazon policy went into effect in Feb. 2011, and started being really enforced about the middle of 2011. The second example are books that were converted from sources such as the Gutenberg Project and are available for free. There are others that may slip through the initial review, but Amazon usually catches those and removes them in time.
comment Is publishing to Amazon Kindle-alternative eBook markets worth the time and effort?
@Vass, yes you can. They each have their own processes and require a different format, but they are both available. You can go to to create an account to manage your books through B&N. Kobo (Sony) and Apple also have their own programs now, but I haven't created accounts with them yet.
comment How to publish public domain books?
I was referring to the author re-publishing their own works in a collection somewhere later in time from the original publication. I personally could not take a collection of someone else's public domain works and publish them as a collection and thereby lay claim to a copyright of their individual poems. I added some more info to my answer to give a better example.
comment How can I catch more errors when I proofread?
lol - I wish I could take credit for being that clever, but it was an honest typo! :) Nice catch!
comment Which well-established vanity publishers offer publishing for money and how much money is enough?
Sorry, but I can't name any that are still in business. About ten years ago I was looking at vanity publishers for a project, but the more I looked into them the more discouraged I became. With my marketing background and my own self-publishing experiences I would be willing to bet I could do a better job than a vanity press.
comment Is there a quick way to know I have created a Mary Sue?
No worries, I have been trying to go through some of the questions to make sure they have five tags so that we get a broader reach for them. Editing was a stretch, but I felt that this pertains to writing styles as well as techniques. Looking at it now, I suppose that's more true about some of the answers than the question itself. :)
comment What are “industry leading royalties”?
I believe the official term is called "joint accounting", but it is more often referred to as basketing, as in put everything into one basket. If you are more concerned about the advanaces than the long term royalties, then you probably wouldn't care much either way. Ultimately, though, you stand to make more money by having them account for each book separately.
comment How does one break into the field of professional writing?
Superbly done! That is a very thorough answer!
comment How to convert DOI to citation information
I think this question would be better suited at one of the other SE sites. It seems more technical in nature.
comment Is “sparkle” the correct word?
Below is a link to a similar question. I don't agree that this question is vague or unanswerable. It's a simple yes or no type question with a request for other options. I don't think it is so much about a critiques as it is about proper word usage.
comment What are the advantages to setting a word limit for a short story?
I don't understand why this question was closed. I believe it is relevant to what we do as writers. While it borders on the edge of inviting opinion rather than clear answeres, I still believe it can be answered, especially since he asked about the "average" length. I don't think the genre really matters with a short, it's more about acceptable length. This might vary by publication, but it's still a relevant question.