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I'm an elected moderator on Mi Yodeya and The Workplace, and a pro-tempore mod here on Writers and on WorldBuilding. I'm pretty active on the SE network.

Professionally, I'm a technical writer who works with (and often helps design) programming interfaces. I've written programming guides, tutorials, reference applications (runnable examples), reference documentation (for Java, C++, C, SOAP, and REST APIs), and even a little user documentation. I'd love to see more technical-writing questions here on Writers!

A word of warning: if you are interested in the Biblical Hermeneutics site, I urge you to consider these words from a non-Christian who went down that path. They want people to help build their site (which they say is non-religious), but they allow Christian evangelism and presumption, quite a bit of it. Learn from another's mistake. See also: Working with idolaters, infidels, and the impious: can interfaith discourse work?

comment How to develop a more regal language
@NeilFein I think it's actually a better fit here, as the OP is asking about conveying speech patterns more than developing a whole dialect. This seems to me to fall more on the "writing" side of the line. That said, user96551, you might also look at Worldbuilding for guidance.
comment Directly quoting a source who also has a cited source
How does the source being quoted cite its source? (Inline or in a footnote?) And is there any particular style guide you're expected to follow (MLA, Chicago, etc)?
comment Video game gameplay script
Are you asking how to write something like "if the player shoots at the big baddie then (scene description)"?
comment Typesetting: Losing the “fi”
@Marie.P. no need to apologize for getting the wrong site; there are a lot of sites and it can be hard to find the right one sometimes. We'd be happy to migrate it for you if you first edit it to clarify the question. Alternatively, we can just close this one and you can ask again over there. I'm going to put this on hold in the meantime; feel free to edit and then leave a comment saying you did. (Be sure to ping me or Standback by using "@" followed by a name.)
comment How to develop a more regal language
Yes, this. Nobility is an attitude born of privileged status; language is a consequence.
comment how do i make scenes pop out and become more exciting?
Are you the same person who posted this very similar question?
comment Would a paid-for review from Kirkus give me real insight into quality of my manuscript?
This question is being discussed on meta here: meta.writers.stackexchange.com/q/939/1993
comment how do i make scenes more extreme and exciting?
Welcome to Writers. Sorry, but this is too broad as it stands. If you can edit it to describe your problem in more detail, including what you've tried and what was unsatisfying about it, we can look at reopening. Please check out our short tour; it explains more about the site. Thanks.
comment Long or short form?
For whom are you writing? Where will it be published? Knowing the conventions of the space you're trying to fit into is important. Without knowing more about what you're trying to do, this seems like it's just an opinion poll, which isn't a good fit for this site. I'm putting this on hold for now; please check out our short tour and then edit this to fit better with our site guidelines. Thanks.
answered Is it necessary to add a.m./p.m. after the time?
reviewed No Action Needed How can you tell that you have what it takes to be an author?
comment Writing many entries/articles, storing them, and browsing them
Search isn't quite the same as tagging, though. Does Google have a way to associate meta-data like tags with documents?
reviewed Approve suggested edit on Show Don't Tell when Recounting Events
reviewed Reviewed How to format Facebook chat in a novel?
reviewed Reviewed What are frequently used arguments for recognizing bad writing styles in fiction?
comment Why is “It was a dark and stormy night..” not a good opening?
The question asks why this is not considered a good opening. Please read this as "why is this widely considered not to be good" and refrain from offering personal opinions to the contrary. This is not a discussion forum. (If this question were asked today it would probably be put on hold for rework; now, 3.5 years later and with a bunch of extant answers, it's harder to fix.)
comment How do I write an article about the negative effects of a topic and my experiences with that topic?
Are you trying to write an article about the topic (drawing illustrations from your experience), or a more-personal article about your experience? Who is the audience?
comment Use past or present tense for lasting fact
You said "I'm writing a story in present tense" and then, at the end, "the whole story is written in past tense". Which is it? Thanks.
comment Citing lecture notes
I'm having trouble understanding your suggestion. An asterisk usually marks a footnote but that doesn't seem to be what you're doing. Could you edit to clarify? Also, is this your own idea or have you seen this done somewhere? If the latter, it would help to say where.
comment How do you effectively develop a plot when you have a proper back story?
@SubhasishSarkar thanks for the edit. I've reopened.