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comment Rules Of Fantasy Story?
You're getting dinged (question and answer) because this is a writer's forum. As such it deals with form, the difficult and extensive subject of defining good writing. Your question is one of formula - as in formulaic. Thus your question seems to ask, "what's the simple secret to good (fantasy) writing?" Simply put, there is no secret.
comment What are good examples of backstory in natural dialogue?
The question sought only an answer to backstory in dialogue, not specifying a particular narrative form. You are correct in noting that long form narrative better tolerates exposition than screenwriting or playwriting, but not without limits. Storytelling in any form is fundamentally demonstrative while non-fiction primarily explains facts. Replace all demonstrative story elements of “Romeo and Juliet” with a factual recounting of what happened and what it means and what you get is CliffsNotes.
comment What's the significance of ancient mythology in literature?
I see that my post has ruffled some feathers, so I'll clarify. I'm not saying that movie critics are "bad people" for having a different take than the general audience or filmmakers. I'm simply noticing that they do have a different take. The reason is simple; film critics must watch EVERY film made. As an audience member, I see only a small portion of the films that are made, the ones that I suspect I would like. Since I don't care for Adam Sandler films, I don't watch them, but if I were a critic I'd have to. After a few years of that, I'd be applauding mythology as well.