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I'm a Ruby and C#/ASP.NET web developer by day and a Full Sail University student by night. I'm studying mobile application development and design.

comment Is there a known technique for giving your readers chills?
If I were a betting man, I would bet it happens more to discovery writers than outliners.
comment Can anyone recommend a free website builder?
How does this question pertain to writing?
comment What are examples of fiction books picked up by publishers after being self-published?
+1 You beat me to the two examples that came instantly to mind. =)
comment How can I improve this description which includes actions?
Lying in the dark and counting spider webs doesn't quite seem right. It is hard enough to count spider webs in broad daylight. Perhaps "counting spider webs reflecting in the cold light of the street lamps" or something like that? That way you are providing light but it still feels dark and silent.
comment How should this ‘be going to’ be revised?
I think it reads awkward but sounds fine when spoken aloud.
comment How can I make a story bigger?
@Ralph Gallagher makes an excellent point that I should have included. Makes me think of JRR Tolkien. He could have cut out a great deal of The Lord of the Rings just by sticking to the plot. However, the majority of his readers adore the people and places he exhaustively described more than the events.