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comment Constructed Language - how to spell words that will be mispronounced in English
Exactly this: if the language doesn't actually use the symbol 'y' for the consonantal y sound, then why confuse your readers by writing the name as Syan instead of Sjan? Of course, the latter might get people to try to say an s followed by a j-as-in-jam, but that's a separate issue. If it sounds like Sayik, then write it as Sayik, not Seic. (And does Ashe really have an unvoiced /s/? Because it might be less... unfortunate if you transcribed it as Azzay.)
comment Constructed Language - how to spell words that will be mispronounced in English
Actually, his suggested writing system is exactly how I would pronounce his names...if I were reading them in Hungarian. Well, except for the s = /s/ thing (in Hungarian, s = /sh/).
comment Can I Copyright My FaceBook Status Post?
In the second paragraph, did you mean "...if I can't copyright the material..."?
comment How do expert writers avoid using “I” when they have to refer to themselves in their article?
If in the second round, Mr. Smith played against the author, any circumlocution like "yours truly" or even "the author" will sound like just that: a circumlocution, and thus awkward and unprofessional. In such a situation, any semi-competent author will use "me", period end of story.
comment Must every piece of speech get its own paragraph?
Every utterance by a different person needs a new paragraph. If it's all the same person, I believe it's perfectly fine to run it all in one paragraph.
comment How do I round out a powerful character?
Lois McMaster Bujold did a much better job with a dwarf hero than G.R.R. Martin could ever hope to achieve in his wildest dreams. Just saying.
comment Finding words through meanings
@xEnOn: English.SE is specifically about English language & usage: grammar, word choice, etymology, that sort of thing. Writers.SE is for issues faced by people who write for a living (in whatever language, though they do need to ask in English): plotting, publishing, proofreading, etc.
comment Should you use two spaces after a period, or just a single one?
Minor nitpick: in every version of Word I've ever met, the single- or double-space question has been a setting, i.e. users can select the rule that matches the conventions they need to follow. (And I think the default setting is "don't check".) So while there are certainly hypercorrection-bugaboos for which Word needs to take the blame (passive voice, that vs. which, etc.), double spacing after the period isn't one of them.
comment Is there any point in learning to write in cursive?
You don't seriously go around laboriously printing everything you write, do you? [she said, hopefully]
comment Is Mac OSX Lion's Revision Control System useable by writers?
Anything that involves a user seeing the innards of a script is, by definition, a techie solution. If you think it can be turned into a non-techie solution with just "a bit of polish", then you must be the type of programmer who sees nothing wrong with a settings page containing 12 checkboxes, 3 sets of radio buttons, 4 dropdowns, and 2 multi-selects.
comment What's your favorite keyboard?
How is this not a poll that should be closed immediately?
comment How to name the characters of your story?
Not just names from around the world, but historical names from around the world: Medieval Names Archive
comment How to name the characters of your story?
Just some comments from a reader's perspective: please, for the love of all that's holy, give your characters names that start with different letters. If one character is Alethea and another is Alexis, I don't care how different they are, I will confuse them in my mind.