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comment Do parentheses inhibit clarity?
Starting sentences with conjunctions is perfectly fine. The question "Do parentheses generally make writing any more or less clear?" is not constructive, as it amounts to an invitation to an open-ended subjective discussion. The question "Is there any general consensus" is better, but since "sparingly" would make for an acceptable answer to you, it's kind of pointless as well, as "sparingly" is in the eye of the beholder.
comment Indirect Narration Style
@Ralph: I apologize if you get too much run off for your tastes, but let me assure you that you most certainly don't get all of it. For every post that gets migrated here, several potential candidates get killed with fire.
comment Are complex sentences uncommon or unwanted in English?
@Jason: yeah, this answer would be so much better if it were actually correct and didn't contradict itself.
comment Strunk and White vs “Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace” by Williams and Colomb
@jae: you're welcome. There's a more thorough (and less agitated) review of S&W by the same author here, but that's a PDF.
comment Strunk and White vs “Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace” by Williams and Colomb
50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice
comment What are some examples of modern original plots?
I have no idea what this is all about, but +1 for Царское Село alone.
comment What is the preferred way to type out ellipses?
A perfect fit for English Language and Usage.
comment Should I translate my own writings into a second language I also know well?
(Full disclosure: I am a native speaker of Russian. I studied translation at one point in my life, but not from/to English. Most importantly, I couldn't finish my studies for personal reasons, so I do not hold a degree and do not work in that profession.)