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Physicist/Artist who fools around with electrons, photons, pixels and bits. Currently in San Diego, formerly of Socorro NM, Orlando FL, Boulder CO, Ann Arbor and other places in Michigan.

Mainly, I've been making 2D and 3D illustrations and animations, writing explanations for things in physics, astronomy and electronics, writing software for image processing and science number-crunching, and teaching the cats to do my work for me. Regrettably, the latter endeavor has been a total failure.

comment Looking for story that deliberately overused “get”
The question has no relationship to my writing, but since I expect to find many experienced writers at this SE site, many of whom read WD, this seems like the best place to ask.
comment How to obtain a thoughtful critique of a job application cover letter?
The cover letters I have in mind don't go to HR, but directly to decision-making professionals in my field, for positions not listed on monster.com et al. (HR, ugh!)
comment What are the best authors to read if you want to get better at humor and comedy in writing?
+1 for Chaplin. Never mind humor in different media - I think the study of humor in several media trains your brain to do it better in whatever media you need to work in.