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I am a Drupal fan, currently maintaining some modules on Drupal.org. I switched to Mac, and became a Mac fan.
When I am not on Drupal Answers (where I am moderator), Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow, or English Language & Usage, I am on Drupal.org removing spam, creating patches for Drupal core, or reporting issues with the documentation.

If you are interested in Italian, Italian Language & Usage is the proposal I suggest you.

comment Are there alternatives to 'in such a way'?
Is there any reason you prefer not to use in such a way that?
comment Are complex sentences uncommon or unwanted in English?
Sentences in Italian are longer for the fact Italian words are generally longer than English words; other factors contribute to make Italian sentences longer, as the fact that, or the is normally not omitted in Italian sentences (compare I think you are right with penso che tu abbia ragione) and the genitive is rendered with of (compare Michelle's book with il libro di Michela).