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I'm a software developer living in Switzerland. You can reach me at digulla at hepe dot com.

comment Is there a special software for writers?
@Randomman159: Please send me an email with the error message (digulla@hepe.com).
comment How do you track random thoughts and ideas?
+1 For pen and paper. They are resilient and cheap. Just never forget to note down an idea. It's so easy to forget that you even had an idea....
comment Resources about different people types?
I agree but what is the point of being specific in areas that you don't know enough about? So you must either spend more time on research or make your character non-specific on purpose.
comment Do I need to register my work to retain copyright?
@HedgeMage: Do you have any hard facts to support your claims? Who profited? How much? For how long? And I'm sure you're aware that the US copyright was introduced so the US publishers could pirate content from European publishers. Yes, a few authors make millions but for the vast majority, copyright is more like a slave collar with fake diamonds.