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comment LaTex + version control writing package
That seems like a good analysis naught101. Since I wrote my comment above, I've switched over to Scrivener.
comment Origin of Passive Voice or Third Person in scientific Writing
Not sure about how or why it came about, but third person seems to be the writing style which is considered "professional." Not only is it the accepted style for scientific and technical documents, but most fiction is even written in third person. My guess is that it's a cultural thing.
comment I have too much dialogue, how do I add more description?
Dialogue is an entirely different beast for me, so I can't give you direct advice on how to write dialogue. The best method I've discovered is to do a live reading with a group of friends. I get them together, give them some beer, and have them read through the script. Take notes of what does/doesn't sound natural. Record the reading if you need to. Since my friends are comedians/actors, I'll get them to improvise some new dialogue on their own and I'll take notes on that too.
comment How do you avoid the problem of all the characters in your story sounding the same?
Take acting classes. I've been doing comedy improvisation for a couple of years, and it's helped me to explore character in the way that Craig has described.
comment How to attract the average reader to an “intellectual” novel?
The passage above is very abstract, so it might not be the strong hook (attention grabber) that you're looking for. Maybe try a more concrete example? E.g. "My pet parrot ate a grasshopper, turning the energy and matter of the insect into the energy and matter of a bird. Then my cat ate the parrot, turning bird into cat." And so on. I'm sure you can find better wording, but that's the gist.
comment Is the iPad a convenient medium for writing work?
Are you thinking about writing with a stylus or using a wireless keyboard? I'm assuming that you aren't referring to the on-screen keyboard--that's no way to generate content.