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comment Is it worth switching to Dvorak?
@naught101 I didn't stick with Dvorak in the end, as annoying little side-effects always seemed to crop up (see my second edit for the details). If Dvorak were more widely used and supported, these little things would crop up less and I'd be more willing to stick with it. In a way, it's like a massive prisoner's dilemma situation where we're all stuck with a sub-optimal choice of keyboard layout, but it's not as appealing to switch unless you can somehow convince everyone else to switch with you.
comment Is Strunk and White's “The Elements” full of “stupid grammar advice?”
@John Smithers I would vote to close... However, I'm a new user and apparently it requires 250 reputation to do that even though it's my own question.
comment Is Strunk and White's “The Elements” full of “stupid grammar advice?”
@John Smithers Thanks for the link. I probably should have made a more thorough search of the other Stack Exchange sites before posting this question. Would it be more appropriate to delete the question or post an answer linking to the English.SE thread?
comment Strunk and White vs “Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace” by Williams and Colomb
Thanks for actually providing some details about Style 's strengths compared to other books. Between your recommendation and RegDwight's comment scaring me away from Elements , I think I'll go with Style for now and look into Sin and Syntax afterward.
comment Where can I find a good vocabulary list?
@Tshepang @kitukwfyer Ditto to what kitukwfyer said. All the words I listed as examples are ones I've run across in my reading, and most of them more than once. Personally, I don't consider it punishment when I run across such words and have to look them up; I actually rather enjoy it. I usually just write them down and look them up later so the flow of the story isn't interrupted. Of course, my enjoyment is conditioned on the assumption that they're used well and in moderation. It's less enjoyable when I have to fish for a dictionary every other sentence.