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I just released my first book, In the System. It's $2.99 on Amazon.


A pair of blue and bloodshot eyes opens slowly. Squinting at the bright lights, Roger Lenox is surprised to find that he’s trapped in a sterile chamber of stone with a single wall of glass.

He is even more shocked to find a skullcap attached to the top of his head with an umbilical of wires that runs to a semi-spherical fixture at the center of the ceiling.

Frantic, he attempts to remove the appendage but is admonished by Dr. Grazer that doing so would result in immediate death. When he refuses to heed the warnings, Dr. Grazer has his assistant sedate Roger. For it is sleep that Roger so desperately needs if he’s ever going to recover from his damaged memory.

But more important than sleep are his dreams; a fractured, hodge-podge of images and moments of his life reveal the events that led Roger to this formidable chamber.

However, Roger is more interested in immediate answers, such as where is he and who is he, which elude him since he is unable to speak. Dream after confusing dream slowly reveal that there is much more at stake than just Roger’s memory. And as Roger’s sessions with Dr. Grazer become more probative, Roger begins to suspect the very person that he depends on the most.

And if Roger’s inability to remember wasn’t enough, he’s compelled by the repeated pleas from a beautiful woman in and of his dreams for help. This woman’s needs slowly supplant Roger’s own desires for answers until he realizes that she is the very reason he is in this predicament.

While Roger attempts to reassemble his memories, he is sporadically visited by a Strange Man, who warns him not to trust what he sees and that where he is isn’t what it appears to be.

But soon Dr. Grazer and the Strange Man reveal themselves to be only interested in Roger regaining a very specific memory, one piece of information that would doom Roger, the beautiful woman whom Roger loves and thousands of people just like them.

So where is Roger, exactly? And how did this beautiful woman condemn Roger to this miserable existence? And frankly, what is “The System”?

The answers to these questions are almost as frightening as the fact that we are all closer to being “In the System” than any of us realize.

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