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They said one cannot have choice, control, freedom, and beauty in the same thing. Full stop. I gave them Linux. Full stop. Now they worship me :L

Well so basically, I'm an intermediate-level front-end Web developer and a rookie programming enthusiast. I'm in college. I, conceptually at least, know the basics of C++, Python, and am learning Ruby with vigorous bloodshed.

My likes, which can be incredibly contradictory at times, are:

  • storms and rains,
  • quantum mechanics,
  • writing,
  • sketching,
  • political economics,
  • modern history,
  • scientific socialism and Marxist-Leninist communism,
  • liberal trade practices and globalised capitalist economies,
  • ancient wars and Greek mythology,
  • Boolean algebra and mathematical linear programming,
  • reading classic romantic tragedies and world-famous novels,
  • Japanese cultures, and
  • thinking about death (which seriously depresses me).

In case you want to know more about me for any goddamn reason you might have, here's a link to some tasteless virtual ink: Knowing me Better.

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