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Writing texts in a scientific or educational setting: peer-reviewed articles, theses, text books, and others.
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Making technical writing easy to understand for non-technical readers.
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Someone who represents a writer to publishers.
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It's neither here nor there.
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The main person or force opposing the protagonist of the story.
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The style manual for the American Psychological Association.
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Application programming interfaces (APIs) are software interfaces that expose defined functionality to developers writing programs. API documentation describes these software interfaces.
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the general "feel" of a piece, its tone and emotion - which may fit or clash with the actual events being described.
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Listen up! Hey, over here!
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Those for whom one writes.
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A recorded version of a written piece.
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Writers' rights and rites.
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We're just getting started.
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A kind of unpaid editor.
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Questions about biographies of others and about autobiographies.
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Questions about blogs and blogging.
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Questions to do with fiction or nonfiction tomes, either professionally- or self-published.
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Questions about the length of books.
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A book recommendation provides a source which discusses a particular area of writing or existing works which demonstrate a particular technique.
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For questions about brainstorming techniques. Do not use this tag to request help in brainstorming ideas for your work; those questions are off-topic.
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Writing for business.
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Anything pertaining to developing the details associated with characters in your writing.
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Real questions about imaginary people.
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Writing for children to read, or questions about children who write.
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references to published or unpublished sources other than the work one is currently reading. This tag should be used when asking for proper formatting for citations or information about…
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Making things clear and easy to understand.