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In English, all words are legitimate. The only criteria is acceptance. French is a different matter all together. But, who cares about French?


Yes, "vampiric" is a legitimate word. If you don't own a dictionary, you can visit Dictionary.com to research words and usage.


The reader will understand that it's mocking only from the context. Two primary ways to give context: Show events that demonstrate that this world does not exhibit "knowledge at its heights." Give the narrator's or viewpoint character's real opinions about the world and its level of knowledge. If you give this context first, the reader will realize that ...


I like to put internal thoughts in italics [here, I will put them in bold]. I think you have to explicitly say that you are being sarcastic unless the character is such an established smart aleck that such a thing is assumed. In a world of knowledge at its heights, I thought mockingly, fart humor rules. That doesn't quite fit the question asked, though. ...

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