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You can try to "rubber duck". Explain what you need to convey out loud to someone not in the know or even to a rubber ducky from the bathtub. Then write it down. When still unsure, wait a day and read it back to see if the text still makes sense. Keep at it, talk about it, it is a learn-able skill!


The word 'obvious' doesn't really have degrees; something is generally obvious or it's not. What you might be looking for: flagrant: shockingly noticeable or evident ostentatious: intended to attract notice glaring: very conspicuous or obvious


In some cases, "corresponding" could be replaced by noun or adjective which helps identify the context. For example: If the context relies on a single anchor (Self, Parent, Following), the nodes within that scope are treated according to this context and an anchoring node is created in the output XML file. In this example, "that scope" refers back to ...


There is a three part solution to your problem: Format -- there are some standard forms for business communication. A lot of what makes any communication seem more polite is just the inclusion of some standard niceties (please, thank you, etc) that can basically be cut and pasted from one email to the next. You should easily be able to find some books or ...

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