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In this context, redoubling your effort means trying harder, but not by any set amount. Maybe 150% of the original effort. At least that's the understood meaning in modern English. If you're speaking the language the word comes from (French), "redoubler" is to double again, or 400% of original. The same is true if you're playing a bidding game (like ...


Instead of trying to use a derivative of double, you can use the suffix -fold. three·fold three times as great or as numerous. "a threefold increase in the number of stolen cars" There is no real maximum number that can be used for this. You can use ten-fold, one hundred-fold, etc.


"Redouble" is almost always used in the idiom to redouble one's effort, meaning to increase the effort one is exerting. "Double again" has the very specific meaning of This was increased by 100% of the original, to make 200%, and will now be increased by 100% of that, making it 400% of the original. Which one you want to use is dependent on context and ...

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