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If you want to share your work while you write it, github is an okay way to do that. It's not great, because it's usable only by the tiny fraction of people who know how to use git. Consider Many of my colleagues publish their books through LeanPub converts writers' manuscripts (written in markdown) into standard epub files. And ...


Have a look at it is built for writers it has revisions and notations.


I keep my fanfiction on Github. I have since moved all of my original writing over to a Gitlab self hosted server that I have through a company called scaleways. This allows me to do all of my editing and work flow through something I enjoy like Github but without worrying about fees or licensing concerns. ...


If you're anticipating large structural changes to your LaTeX documents, then a version control system might do you some good. If that's the case, use git since you're familiar with it. Mercurial (hg) is similar enough that you wouldn't have problems if you go that route, although the cloning and branching paradigm seems a bit different (FWIW, I'm pretty ...

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