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This is related to both touch typing and the Dvorak keyboard. This is not an attempt at an answer, but a testimony of my experiences. This is linked to Is touch typing skill important for being a good writer?, and How important is typing speed to a successful writing career?, and Is it worth learning to touch type, and also Is it worth switching to Dvorak? ...


Consider whether you're likely to do a lot of typing on other people's or public computers where you won't be able to switch the layout--if that's a common occurrence, then the hassle of switching back and forth may make it not worth it. More importantly, is your typing speed currently a limiting factor to your writing? Do you compose sentences ...


I learnt Dvorak several years ago, but switched back to QWERTY because of the difficulty of switching back if I was using someone else's computer. I might try it again if it really does reduce wrist strain. I have a co-worker who is a bit of a Dvorak evangelist.


I don't know if speed would be improved since I am still learning. My feeling about DVORAK is that wrist pain is reduced. Trade-off is that you have to spend some time to get accustomed to the new thing

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